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"Asante sana e.V."

Welcome at Kilimanjaro Airport in October 2010

About us

Asante sana e.V. is a charitable organization to support the partnership between Emil-von-Behring Gymnasium Grosshansdorf in Germany and Nkoasenga Secondary School in Tanzania.
Foundation: 2009
Executive committee: Brigitta Carstensen, Heike Blenk & Illona Lowin-Jacobsen
Members: 20


The aim of Asante sana e.V. is to support education at Tanzanian schools, particularly at Nkoasenga Secondary School near the town of Arusha. The organization intends to improve the level of education at Nkoasenga through fund-raising. Furthermore, by establishing good relations to the Tanzanians, intercultural awareness shall be promoted.

Short-term objectives:

  • to provide the students with adequate tuition material so that not five students have to share one book
  • to plaster walls and floors of classrooms
  • to install a watertank of 5000 l

Long-term objectives:

  • to help with the construction of further classrooms and laboratory rooms for chemistry, biology and physics
  • to help with the equipment of the science rooms
  • to plant trees on the school premises

Nkoasenga Secondary School

  • was founded in April 2007
  • the school comprises four forms
  • headmistress: Fides Shirima
  • staff: 2 teachers
  • 277 students (ca. 60% girls, 40% boys) aged 14 to 18
  • subjects offered include:
    civics, geography, history, English language, Swahili,
    mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. Not all subjects can be taught at the moment due to a lack of teachers.
  • Extracurricular activities in the afternoon include sports, music, religion and dance.
  • The school is government-owned. However, the government pays for only 20 % of the costs; 80% are paid for by the community, i.e. the students’ parents. The parents assist in constructing the buildings.
  • Tuition fee: 120 € per year
    including text books, paper, pencils and lunch (usually mush) as well as exam fees
Nkoasenga Secondary School is situated near the town of Arusha in a remote rural area and very close to Arusha National Park.
  • Arusha is situated about 90 km southwest of Mount Kilimanjaro at an elevation of 1.400 m
  • Its population is approximately 341.000 inhabitants
  • The temperature averages 25 C°
  • The primary industries are agriculture and tourism
  • Contrary to Nkoasenga, Arusha has running water and access to electricity


  • Mrs. Carstensen and her husband visited Nkoasenga Secondary School for six days in October 2009
  • In October 2010 Mr. and Mrs. Carstensen together with four students of the Emil-von-Behring Gymnasium paid a second visit
  • Solar panels have been installed for seven rooms
  • Windows and doors have been built in every classroom
  • a library as been finished (2010)
  • more than 1500 books have been bought (2010)
  • The Friedenskirche in Siek supports the partnership
  • The Solarförderverein in Bavaria has sposored two solar panels
  • The primary school Am Hagen in Ahrensburg donated 1700 Euro from their sponsored run in May 2010
  • Children for a better World e.V. donated 1500 Euro to support the purchase of new schoolbooks (March 2011) JugendHilft_Logo_RGB.jpg


The students and teachers of Nkoasenga Secondary School would be very pleased to receive a donation and say ASANTE SANA which is Swahili and means THANK YOU!
Asante Sana raised 15 000 € from October 2009 to October 2010.
Everyone can help with a donation! “Education is life!“

Banking arrangements:
Asante sana e.V.
Sparkasse Holstein
IBAN: DE30213522400135842003


Membership fee p.a.:

Student: 6,00 €
Adult: 12,00 €
Supporting member: 50,00 €

Please contact us for further information.
Asante sana e.V. Tansania Förderverein
Sieker Landstraße 203a
22927 Großhansdorf

ca[at] (Mrs Brigitta Carstensen)

Address of Nkoasenga Secondary School:
Ministry of Education and Vocational Training:
Nkoasenga Secondary School
P.O. Box 14605 Arusha

Our partnerschool in Tanzania

by Nicole Wittkuhn, class 7

Yesterday we interviewed Mrs. Carstensen. She is a teacher at the EvB and she works on a project with a partnerschool in Tanzania. The school is called Nkoasenga Secondary School and it's in East Africa. The people are poor but some parents can send their children to secondary schools, which cost money. But not all of them have so much money. The primary school with seven
grades is free, so all children go to school. In secondary school the classes are very big. In October 2009 there were 134 pupils in three classes but in January 2010 there were 160 new pupils for the first class. The school has many students but not enough teachers. The headteacher is Mr. Daniel Sulumo and there are six other teachers at the moment. The teachers and the students live in houses next to the school.
In the morning, the first person who is at school hits a little stripe of metal. That's the school bell. Then everyone knows that school starts. The subjects are taught in English except their language Kisuaheli. In the afternoon the students play football or do other sports. The holidays are in December and January and then the parents come and build up new rooms because the school needs science rooms and new classrooms for all the new students. In contrast to many pupils in Germany, the students of Nkoasenga Secondary School are very enthusiastic and happy that they can go to school. But it's not perfect there. There aren't any windows or doors and there is neither water nor electricity. For Mr. Sulumo it's not easy to write emails to Mrs. Carstensen - he has to travel 50 km to the next internet café. Last year in autumn Mrs. Carstensen flew with her husband and 3600 € to Tanzania. 3600€ is a lot, isn't it, but in Tanzanian Shillings it is even more - it's about 7 million shilling. From this money Mrs. Carstensen bought a computer, solar panels and lamps which work with solar power. In the future Mrs. Carstensen is going to fly again to Tanzania and perhaps a group of pupils from the EvB can do the same.

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